Corporate and Commercial Storm Shelter Clients

America’s largest and best companies choose Safe-T-Shelter® to protect their employees!

The commercial / community storm shelters that Safe-T-Shelter® has been manufacturing and installing since 1995 are the top-of-the-line and have protected thousands of people through countless storms.  Safety will always be our top priority as we continue to innovate and provide new solutions to keep people safe during unpredictable storms.  Our commercial tornado shelters are cost effective and manufactured and installed by OSHA trained and compliant employees.

Our expert project management delivers large scopes of work on-time and on-budget.

We customize our tornado shelter solutions based on your specific needs.  Our commercial storm shelters and community storm shelters can protect thousands of people, Safe-T-Shelter® has a tornado shelter solution to meet your very specific needs.

Our commercial storm shelters have wide openings that make them handicap accessible, have built in seating, protected air vents, have a six point door locking system, and are constructed of 1/4” steel plate.

Safe-T-Shelter® commercial storm shelters have been storm tested in EF5 tornados.  Our reputation was built on honesty, reliability, and integrity.  You can be certain that we will be here tomorrow to provide you the service that you deserve, unlike many of the new tornado shelter providers that arose after the most recent storms.  Unfortunately, many of those opportunistic companies won’t be around when the next storm hits, which will leave their customers in an unenviable position.  We have the best products and the best prices, and hope that we are able to provide you the protection you deserve to prepare you for the next, inevitable storms.

Our common tornado shelter sizes are:

10′ x 24′ (48 people)

10′ x 48′ (96 people)
Custom sizes are available to protect all your employees, no matter how many you have!
As one of the leading manufacturers of commercial storm shelters / community storm shelters in the country, you can rest assured that our products are high-quality and will keep you safe. Call us today to learn about our financing options and make sure you have a safe place to go the next time an unpredictable storm hits your area.


• Engineered & Built to FEMA 361 & ICC 500 specifications — you can trust our Community shelters will provide F5 tornado protection.

• Constructed of 1/4″ Solid-Steel Plate

• Forced Air Ventilation and Emergency Lighting

• Seating provided with each model

• Primed & Painted White with Lead-Free   Enamel

• Custom sizes available, including standard 10′ x 24′ to 10′ x 48′ (48 – 96 people)

• Safe-T-Shelter® Community Shelters are   delivered and installed on a specially   engineered, reinforced, monolithic concrete   pad foundation.
• The storm shelter is set and anchored to the   pad, the seats are installed, shelter and seats   grounded, the sidewall drainage lines are   installed, sidewalls bermed (optional) and a   final inspection is made.
• Standard timeframe from ordering to   completion of the installation is normally several weeks.


• Door(s) have three (3) heavy-duty locks on the inside and a separate keyed lock on the outside for security purposes.
• Power Ventilation provides 15 cubic feet of fresh air per person per minute per FEMA 361 requirements.
• Doorways are Handicap accessible. Vents and Fan Exhausts/Intakes are protected from flying debris and have interior baffles to prevent debris from entering.Options : Dehumidifier, Air Conditioner, Emergency Generator, Berming of Sidewalls.