Are your storm shelters ready for the tornado season? Safe-T-Shelter® can help! It’s easy to put off routine maintenance necessary to keep your storm shelter ready to use.  When the weatherman announces bad weather approaching, know your shelter is ready for use.

Let Safe-T-Shelter® help! Our 10-Point Maintenance Schedule is available for a one-time servicing or an annual contract.

Our team will:

  1. Commercial pressure wash the entire storm shelter
  2. Check and replace door sweeps, if needed
  3. Clean the interior of the storm shelter of any dirt, mold, mildew or moisture; including sweeping the floor, wiping down the seating, and cleaning the walls
  4. Inspect and replace any missing labels and signage
  5. Grease and adjust all door hinges, locking mechanisms, and slide bars for ease of door operation
  6. Check and test all lighting and fixtures, and replace when needed *(replacement part costs may apply)
  7. Clean and lubricate ventilation fans and louvers to operate freely; test switches and power cords
  8. Check generator codes for any run errors. Clean air filter, change oil and filter, clean and lubricate protective housing and hinges. Perform real-time run test for operation of generator.
  9. Inspect and service dehumidifier for proper operation and drainage. A properly operating dehumidifier will keep the inside of your storm shelter free of moisture and mildew accumulation. Clean filters, check hoses for damage, blockage, or leakage.
  10. Lastly, we will check your entire storm shelter for any discrepancies and make recommendations for their correction, if any are needed.

With our 10-point maintenance schedule, we can have your storm shelter ready to use at a moment’s notice. Don’t let your storm shelter sit in neglect when it is proven Storm Shelters Save Lives!

Just Need Generator Service?

Safe-T-Shelter® is a Generac Generator trained authorized service agent.  Generac recommends cleaning the air filter, changing the oil and oil filter, lubricating and thoroughly checking the operation of your generator annually. Get these items taken care of today! Only an authorized Generac service agent should work on your generator. The generator is critical to the operation of your storm shelter. Without electricity and without your backup generator, lights, and ventilation would be affected inside your storm shelter.

Generator Only Service is Available and Includes:

  1. General overall inspection and service–check for run code errors
  2. Clean air filter, change engine oil and oil filter
  3. Clean and check protective housing cooling fan and louvers
  4. Perform run cycle and ensure optimal operation
  5. Lubricate hinges and grease fittings in protective housing

Call us TODAY if you are interested in our Maintenance or Generator Only Service! 1-800-462-3648