Phase I: The Consultation & Recommendation
Equipped with over 20 years of experience, our extensive knowledge is used to help in determining the size of the shelter, the best and most suitable location, and the desired options that meet your needs. Some of these options include: berming of side walls, emergency generators, and restroom facilities.

Phase II: A Solid Foundation
Following a site survey consisting of determining the most desirable location, a strong foundation is laid. A strong foundation is just as important as the quality of the storm shelter itself. Our foundation experts possess unparalleled experience in designing, developing, excavating, laying, and finishing the monolithic foundation.

Phase III: The Manufacturing of Community Safe Rooms
As one of the only all-inclusive safe room providers, Safe-T-Shelter designs, fabricates, delivers, installs and services our products from start to finish. Shelters are inspected and tested by an independent third-party before it leaves the manufacturing warehouse. In addition, each shelter is assigned a serial number and Quality Control Trailer, further ensuring every shelter is produced to the highest quality standards.

Phase IV: Successful Delivery & Installation
The multi-step installation is a seamless process. Upon completion of the foundation drilling, epoxy is applied to cement our unique interior anchoring system. Next, seating and grounding, interior and exterior electrical systems, dehumidifier and generator, if chosen, are installed at this time. Upon successful installation in Alabama, AMHC then conducts an on-site inspection and issues approval insignia. Lastly, Safe-T-Shelter walks each client through every shelter to present the user manual, keys, and to ensure the utmost satisfaction.