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SAFE-T-SHELTER® has been producing top-quality above ground garage safe rooms for more than 20 years.  We manufacture more community saferooms than anyone else in the Southeast and are one of the top manufacturers of safe rooms in the country.  We create all our garage safe rooms in our 60,000+ sq ft manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. We have the top skilled fabrication and installation teams, safety is our top priority, and we have a long and successful performance record.

No matter your need, no matter the size or amount of people you want to protect, SAFE-T-SHELTER® can and will produce the best above ground garage safe rooms available. Our expert project management delivers large scopes of work on-time and on-budget.  Put simply, SAFE-T-SHELTER® is a manufacturer and installer of pre-engineered, pre-fabricated, cost-effective, and high-quality saferooms, whether you are interested in above ground garage safe rooms or underground safe rooms.

Garage Safe Rooms Construction

• Constructed of 1/4″ Solid Steel Plate
• Engineered & Built to FEMA 320 Specs
• Additional Protection of Ventilation Areas
• Handicap Accessible Door – 34” x 72”
• Six (6) Point Door Locks
• Primed & Painted White Inside & Outside
• Weighs Approximately 2,000 Pounds
• Door opens inward so you won’t be trapped inside if blocked by debris
• Standard sizes are (height is inside clearance): 4’W x 8’L x 6’3”H – 4’W x 6’L  x   6’3”H – 4’W x  5’L x 6’3’H

Garage Safe Room Installation

• Garage Safe Room is installed on your concrete slab foundation• Bolt holes are drilled into the concrete

• Bolts are inserted in each of the drilled holes and tightened in place.

• Installation normally takes approximately two hours.

• Purchase to installation is typically from one to two weeks, and may vary with high demand.

• Call Safe-T-Shelter to schedule your appointment.

Garage Safe RoomFeatures

Multi-Purpose Garage Safe Room

  • Protection from tornadoes, storms and severe weather.
  • Saferoom may be used as a panic room for protection from intruders.
  • With the secure-lock option, our saferoom will protect your valuables.
  • Handicap accessible in the 4×8 with standard or box seat, and the 4×6 with standard seat.