Backyard Steel Storm Shelter
Interior of a backyard steel storm shelter

Safe-T-Shed Saferoom for Home or Business



 “When Your Life Depends on it — Safe-T-Shelter®”

• The 6 x 8 Safe-T-Shed is designed for up to 16 occupants
• There is 48 square feet of floor space
• The 6 x 8 Safe-T-Shed has approximately 350 cubic feet of air space
• The 6 x 8 Safe-T-Shed is classified as handicap accessible

Safe Room Construction

• Constructed of 1/4″ solid steel plate
• Engineered & built to meet or exceed FEMA 320 guidelines
• Additional protection of ventilation areas
• Six (6) point door locks
• Primed & painted white inside & outside
• Weighs approximately 3,000 pounds
• Door opens inward so you won’t be trapped inside if blocked by debris
• Standard sizes are (height is inside clearance): 6’W x 8’L x 8’H

Safe Room Features

• Protection from tornadoes, storms and severe weather
• Saferoom may be used as a panic room for protection from intruders
• No steps — just walk in and secure the door with 3 separate locking bars
• The 6 x 8 Safe-T-Shed is available with a standard or a security lock box seat

Safe Room Installation

• Installed on your concrete slab foundation
• Bolt holes are drilled into the concrete, each 5/8″ bolt is rated for 14,465 lbs of stress
• Bolts are inserted in each of the drilled holes and tightened in place
• Installation normally takes approximately two hours
• Purchase to installation is typically from one to two weeks, and may vary with high demand
• Call Safe-T-Shelter to schedule your appointment
• Building a new home? Let us work with your contractor to install a safe room inside the home

Safe Room Tips

• Our saferoom door opens to the inside — no need to worry about getting trapped inside by debris
• After storm damage, primary threats to an occupant’s safety are debris, flood, downed electric lines, fumes and fire
• First responders, or emergency personnel may not be able to reach you for an extended period of time
• FEMA information on Saferooms


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New, low-rate financing options are available for residential safe rooms — ask our residential specialist for details.