Corporate and Commercial Storm Shelter Clients
• Engineered & Built to FEMA 361 & ICC 500 specifications — you can trust our Community shelters will provide F5 tornado protection.

• Constructed of 1/4″ Solid-Steel Plate

• Forced Air Ventilation and Emergency Lighting

• Seating provided with each model

• Primed & Painted White with Lead-Free   Enamel

• Custom sizes available, including standard 10’x24′ to 10’x48′ (48 – 96 people)

• Safe-T-Shelter® Community Shelters are   delivered and installed on a specially   engineered, reinforced, monolithic concrete   pad foundation.
• The storm shelter is set and anchored to the   pad, the seats are installed, shelter and seats   grounded, the sidewall drainage lines are   installed, sidewalls bermed (optional) and a   final inspection is made.
• Standard timeframe from ordering to   completion of the installation is normally several weeks.
• Door(s) have three (3) heavy-duty locks on the inside and a separate keyed lock on the outside for security purposes.
• Power Ventilation provides 15 cubic feet of fresh air per person per minute per FEMA 361 requirements.
• Doorways are Handicap accessible. Vents and Fan Exhausts/Intakes are protected from flying debris and have interior baffles to prevent debris from entering.

Options : Dehumidifier, Air Conditioner, Emergency Generator, Berming of Sidewalls.